Other Eyes

A teenage vlogger must navigate an anonymous ghetto to publicly confront her anonymous troll and shame them into silence before they ruin her life.

Augmented reality has merged the physical and digital worlds of near-future Britain to create an augmented reality. Privacy is dead. Stepping outside your front door means everything you say and do will be used against you. That’s unless you relish the spotlight and share your perfect life with subscribers by allowing them to live vicariously through your eyes. With personified A.I. accounting for the majority of the workforce, you depend on your fans or risk becoming a nobody. However, perhaps you’re less than perfect, or maybe you have something to hide, in which case you could use encryption and an elaborate disguise to hide anonymously in the shadows. Just be careful who you allow to see the real you…

Lexi Loveday (18), seems to have a perfect life: she’s smart, popular and gorgeous; her entire world looks as if it’s designed by Instagram. But when she becomes the object of an anonymous troll’s attention and is repeatedly humiliated in public, it’s her A.I., Mimi, who has the solution. If Lexi can uncover the identity of her tormentor, she can publicly confront them and shame them into silence. By revisiting some painful childhood memories, they discover the troll is JESS (18), Lexi’s former best friend who disappeared months ago. In order to find her, Lexi must navigate an anonymous ghetto, but Mimi doesn’t like the changes this brings about in Lexi…

Alongside themes that include privacy and otherisation, the surface theme of Other Eyes is how to silence the trolls. In Lexi’s attempt to “dox” Jess, she discovers that the way to silence the trolls forever is to silence the inner critic. The deeper theme of the story is about finding your true self by overcoming your ego, which Mimi represents.

Other Eyes will appeal to YouTube viewers as many high-profile vloggers have made confessional videos where they reveal something about themselves that they feel will destroy their careers, but ultimately catapults their celebrity status. Social media users will empathise with Lexi’s character arc of someone who portrays a perfect persona but deep down feels like an imposter. Given the appeal to YouTube subscribers and content producers, Other Eyes should generate plenty of online discussion.

The story will also appeal to parents and adults who are bemused by the apparent rise of narcissistic tendencies of modern teenagers.


I made the final thirty of the Roadmap Writer’s Iconic Film Characters Fellowship.

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