Other Eyes

A teenage vlogger must navigate an anonymous ghetto to publicly confront her anonymous troll and shame them into silence before they ruin her life.

Augmented reality has merged the physical and digital worlds of near-future Britain to create an augmented reality. Privacy is dead. Stepping outside your front door means everything you say and do will be used against you. That’s unless you relish the spotlight and share your perfect life with subscribers by allowing them to live vicariously through your eyes. With A.I. accounting for the majority of the workforce, you depend on your fans or risk becoming a nobody. However, perhaps you’re less than perfect, or maybe you have something to hide, in which case you could use encryption and an elaborate disguise to hide anonymously in the shadows. Just be careful who you allow to see the real you…


I made the final thirty of the Roadmap Writer’s Iconic Film Characters Fellowship.

Please see the downloads section to download the full script, which, to be honest, still needs a little development.